Silver Jews’ David Berman honoured with US football scoreboard message

The message was displayed at at a Tennessee Titans game in Nashville

The late Silver Jews singer David Berman has been honoured with a scoreboard message during a US football game at Tennessee Titans’ home stadium in Nashville.

Berman, who died in August this year, moved to Nashville in 1999, the same year the Houston Oilers relocated there and became the Tennessee Titans. Berman, the late Silver Jews and Purple Mountains frontman, was a big football fan who referenced the sport in songs like ‘Tennessee’ and ‘All My Happiness Is Gone’ as well as his poetry and interviews.

The Titans were the singer-songwriter’s favourite team, and in the wake of his death, the band honoured him at Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Drag City, Berman’s longtime label home, shared photo evidence of the tribute on Instagram. See the post below.

At one point during the game, the scoreboard read: “Nashville (and the world) will always love David Berman! 1967-2019.” The Titans’ logo accompanied the message. In the caption, Drag City’s staff wrote that their hearts were “soaring” upon seeing the tribute.

On August 10, The New York Times reported that a spokesperson for NYC’s medical examiner concluded death by suicide in an investigation into the singer’s death.

Silver Jews
Silver Jews

Berman’s new band Purple Mountains released their self-titled debut album in July. The band were due to begin their first tour this weekend (August 9). It was Berman’s first new music since the final Silver Jews album ‘Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea’, which was released in 2008.

Berman had suffered from depression and drug addiction while in Silver Jews. He rarely gave interviews, and only began touring in earnest around Silver Jews’ acclaimed 2005 album ‘Tanglewood Numbers’.