Safety guidelines released for reopening music venues after lockdown in the US

The Event Safety Alliance are behind the recommendations

New recommended safety guidelines for music venues and small events in the US to follow at the end of the coronavirus lockdown have been published.

The nonprofit Event Safety Alliance (ESA) are behind the recommendations, which come after the organisation crowdsourced over 300 tour professionals from all corners of the live event industry.

The ESA have now published the first edition of their reopening guide, which aims to provide clarity for venues and small event organisers across the US in response to the rapidly changing state-by-state approach to lifting lockdown restrictions and allowing small groups of people to gather.


Among the ESA’s recommendations for venues and events is the requirement of masks, hand-washing every hour (as well as after sneezing, mopping, smoking, eating and drinking), sanitising door handles, taps and lift buttons, and temperature screenings for every customer.

The guide also recommends that employers must provide paid sick leave to its employees, while venues should educate fans “in a word, everywhere” about the guidelines through the use of apps, ticket-selling sites and social media.

ESA Vice President Steven A. Adelman said that the guide is “designed to help event professionals think through their own circumstances”.

“In the order than one plans an event, the Reopening Guide looks closely at the health and safety risks involved in reopening public spaces, then proposes risk mitigation measures that are likely to be reasonable under the circumstances of the smaller events and venues that will reopen first.”


Live Nation announced earlier this week that they are currently planning to resume concerts at “full scale” from 2021 after the coronavirus outbreak stopped live shows from happening across the globe.