US Secretary Of State decided against giving Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ CD to Kim Jong-Un

The CD came autographed by the US President

The US Secretary Of State declined to give Kim Jong-Un the ‘Rocket Man’ CD Donald Trump wanted to gift him, it has been revealed.

Mike Pompeo visited North Korea last week to continue talks about the denuclearisation of the country. Trump sent with him a CD containing Elton John‘s classic song as a present for the dictator.

However, speaking with reporters outside the White House earlier today (July 10), Trump confirmed Pompeo had not handed over the disc. “They didn’t give it,” Trump said. “I have it for him. They didn’t give it.”


According to The Hill, the President said he still intends to give the North Korean leader the CD, but it will be “given at a different period.”

Trump previously called Kim “little rocket man” last year when the two embarked on a war of words that sparked fears over the threat of a nuclear war between America and North Korea. According to reports, when the pair met last month, Trump brought up the song, which Kim said he wasn’t familiar with.

Meanwhile, actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen recently teased his next project, which appears to be centred around Trump in some way. A teaser video sent up Trump and closed with the Trump University’s emblem.