US Senators fight over who is the bigger BTS fan, ahead of the boyband’s Biden meeting

“If you’re a true fan, who’s your bias? And don’t ask your staff”

US Senators Mazie Hirono and Chris Coons have entered a playful Twitter feud over their love for BTS, ahead of the boyband’s meeting with President Joe Biden.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal’s Natalie Andrews tweeted that US Senator Mazie Hirono (D) from the state of Hawaii was “looking for her invite” to see the boyband at the White House on today (May 31). BTS are set to meet with President Biden to discuss the issue of rising anti-Asian hate crimes.

“I’m the only US Senator who knows who BTS is,” Hirono reportedly said, per Andrews.
Another US Senator, Chris Coons (D) from Delaware, later responded to the tweet, writing “not even close #BTSARMY”, along with a picture of his desk, where he placed a standee of the boyband, along with a placard which reads “Senator Chris Coons” in Korean.


Senator Hirono later replied to Coons via her own Twitter account, challenging him to name his favourite member of BTS to prove himself as a “true fan” of the group. “If you’re a true fan, who’s your bias? And don’t ask your staff,” she wrote. Coons has yet to respond at the time of writing.

Last week, it was announced that BTS would be speaking with Biden at the White House to address the issue of “Asian inclusion and representation” and to discuss their platform “as youth ambassadors who spread a message of hope and positivity across the world”.

BTS previously appeared at the United Nations in New York last September where they performed single ‘Permission To Dance’ after being named the UN’s Special Presidential Envoys for Future Generations and Culture. They also gave a speech at the assembly.