US Senators use Meat Loaf lyrics to debate economic growth bill

Lines from 'Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad' and 'Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back' made it into the hearing this week

US Senators have quoted Meat Loaf lyrics in a debate over the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act.

The bill was the focus of a hearing at the Senate Banking Committee earlier this week (December 3), during which four members of the Senate lifted words from the ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ star’s works to back up their arguments.

Senator Sherrod Brown started things, using a line from ‘Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad’ to argue the act fails to live up to its name. “As Meat Loaf used to sing, ‘Two out of three ain’t bad,’ but this bill doesn’t even meet the Meat Loaf minimum,” he said.


Senator John Neely Kennedy then hit back, saying: “Meat Loaf also sang, ‘There ain’t no Coupe DeVille in the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.’ In other words, we live in a real world.” Two more lawmakers then joined in, with Senator Thom Tillis adding: “In that same song, he also sang ‘Baby we can talk all night, but that ain’t getting us nowhere’, so I’m looking forward to processing the amendments.”

Finally, Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen had his say, saying: “Meat Loaf also said ‘Life is a lemon and I want my money back’, so, on behalf of all the consumers who got the short end of the stick from Wells Fargo and Equifax, I want a bill to make sure they get their money back.”

Committee Chairman Mike Crapo wrapped up the bizarre turn of events, by admitting: “I guess I’m going to have go learn a little more about Meat Loaf.” You can listen to the exchanges here, via NPR.