Usher stages a dance-off with President Obama

“It’s like a toe-to-toe thing” says Usher of his battle with Barack.

Usher says he had “a dance battle” with Barack Obama when he was invited to the White House to celebrate the President’s birthday.

Obama turned 55 yesterday (August 16), and Usher revealed he enjoyed dancing with the President and his wife Michelle at the White House party several days earlier.

Usher told US TV show Extra how the dance battle began when [a]Stevie Wonder[/i] performed at the party. He said: “We had an incredible time and danced all night. Me and Michelle have always had a good time on the dancefloor, but Barack? He actually battles you. It’s like a toe-to-toe thing.”

The singer explained that no footage exists of the occasion, saying: “They took everybody’s phones at the door.”

Usher released new singles ‘Crash’ and Young Thug collaboration ‘No Limits’ in June, saying at the time that his new album has the working title ‘Flawed’.

He also plays Sugar Ray Leonard in new boxing drama Hands Of Stone, co-starring with Robert DeNiro, John Turturro and Ellen Barkin.

Usher had fight training with professional boxers and said: “I grew my hair out, I did it all. I’d tell the boxers ‘Don’t take it easy on me’, so I got rocked a few times.”

The film is released in the US on Friday (August 19).