Usher assaulted by woman over parking space

R&B star confronted by angry shopper in Atlanta after parking in disabled space
Usher was attacked by a woman over a parking space last weekend.

The 33-year-old R&B singer allegedly parked his car in a handicapped spot during the Five Points Halloween Parade in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday (October 22).

He was then approached by a woman angered by the singer’s illegal move, who asked him to move his car.


While Usher was sitting in the front driver’s seat with his window down, the woman shook a beer can and sprayed the contents all over him.

Witnesses say Usher then grabbed a water bottle in his car and doused the woman with the liquid in retaliation.

The assailant then kicked the singer’s door until Usher got out of the car to tackle her.

The woman is then then said to have lunged at Usher, grabbed his shirt and shouted “You don’t belong here,” at the star, while Usher warned his assailant not to put her hands on him.

The irate lady was then dragged away from the scene by her husband and Usher drove away.

Neither Usher or his camp have commented about the incident.