Usher’s five year old son tells him he’s ‘not a great singer’

His son tells him that he's the real star in the family

R&B star Usher has revealed that his five-year-old son is not his biggest fan.

Speaking in interview with Billboard, Usher revealed how his child – Nayvid Ely Raymond, who turns six in December – is unimpressed by his career.

“He doesn’t care about what I do as much… He’s like, ‘I’m the star. Who are you? You sing?’,” Usher said. “He told me the other day, he says, ‘You’re not a great singer’. What? I’m a great singer!”

However, the singer confirmed that his son has been more responsive when seeing him in concert.

“When seeing me perform on tour in the past… and most of the time it’s past his bedtime, but he’s just sitting there studying every move, every second, like laser focus. And then I’ll see him off by himself doing the moves.”

Usher released his latest album ‘Looking 4 Myself’ in 2012. He recently served as a judge on the American version of The Voice.