Not every fan gets to meet the R&B superstar...

USHER marked the release of his fourth album, ‘8701’, with a signing session at the VIRGIN MEGASTORE in LONDON’s PICCADILLY CIRCUS. Some 320 fans were waiting for the R&B superstar hours in advance of his arrival, with more piling in as the singer turned up half-an-hour late at 12.30pm.

Fans were each presented with a large double-sided poster of their idol, along with a smaller poster emblazoned with the album’s title. However, Usher‘s security team insisted that only copies of the new CD would be signed. Despite this insistence, the ever-charming star acquiesced to appeals to sign the free posters.

A similar embargo was slapped on photographs, with Usher‘s team insisting that the tight time schedule wouldn’t permit the great man to pose for photos with fans. Sara, 16, from Luton, complained that she was denied her photo opportunity, but realised only too late that other fans – almost exclusively girls her age – had managed a photo with Usher after asking him for one. She wasn’t so unlucky, however, as Usher was whisked away to the airport at 2pm, leaving some disappointed fans clutching unsigned posters and CDs.