Your full guide to a winter wonderland of soul...

Hopefully, the stars have behaved themselves over the Christmas and New Year period, but where does that leave you in search of soulful news? Worry not. You haven?t been neglected at NMESOUL.COM. Keep checking back into the site over the Christmas period for the following dime pieces:

December 28th: 2001 preview feature: producers

Housed in the features section, this will tell you the names to look out for behind the hottest tunes set to drop in the New Year.

December 29th: 2001 preview feature: females

Housed in the features section, this is the definitive guide to the premier female singers who will be making the platters that matter?

December 30th: 2001 preview feature: males

Following a year of diss anthems from Destiny?s Child, Pink and Kandi, all eyes are on the men and how they will defend their romantic reputations. But who is leading the charge? Check out this preview feature to see.

December 31st: Trevor Nelson breaks it down

Following his webchat with nmesoul.com, Trevor Nelson broke down what he, as the UK?s only national soul DJ, is looking forward to from soul music. Can Usher cut it? Has Mariah Carey had her day? Access Trevor?s talking points in the video section.

So, on behalf of all at NMESOUL.COM have yourself a thoroughly soulful Christmas, and a rocking New Year.