Usher breaks down singing ‘Gone Too Soon’ at Jackson memorial

And Smokey Robinson pays tribute to King Of Pop

R&B star Usher broke down in tears during his rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Gone Too Soon’ on stage today (July 7) at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Wearing dark glasses, the Atlanta singer almost made it to the end of the track before his voice cracked, and he removed his glasses.

The Jackson family rushed to embrace the singer as he left the stage.


Usher’s performance was followed by a speech by Smokey Robinson, who paid tribute to Jackson, saying the legend would never be forgotten.

“I believe so much that this is not it,” Robinson said. “We have life after this is done, so my brother is in a place now where he most certainly is going to live forever in the hereafter. He’s going to live forever twice, because he will live forever right here… the world will never ever forget Michael Jackson.”

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Watch live video coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial here:

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–By our New York staff.
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