Watch Juliette And The Licks’ NME.COM video interview now

Juliette Lewis talks about a Foo Fighters party and being in 'Chulmsfield'

Juliett And The Licks talked exclusively to NME.COM at the V Festival.

During the interview, for which the Oscar-nominated Juliette Lewis was joined by guitarist Todd Morse, Lewis spoke of a Foo Fighters after-party and the other A-list bands who were invited.

In the video introduction she said, “Hi, I’m Juliet Lewis and I’m at the V Festival in Chumsfield,” prompting laughter from nearby revellers amused by her mispronunciation of the Chelmsford site name.

She went on to talk of the bands she was excited about seeing, and described her show as, “like we’re a giant muscle car, breaking through a barricade with the cops after us”.

Watch the full Juliet Lewis And The Licks video now.