Kasabian at V: ‘Chelmsford pisses all over Stafford!’

Band big up festival crowd at raptuously-received set

Kasabian played the second of their V Festival slots tonight (August 19) in Chelmsford, performing on the V Stage before headliners The Killers.

Running through the same set they performed yesterday (August 18) in Stafford, after playing ‘ID’, Meighan told the crowd: “Chelmsford! You’re fucking unbelievable! You piss all over Stafford! Piss. All. Over. Them.”

Meighan was responding to a raptuous reception from the V Festival crowd, who cheered, danced and sang along throughout Kasabian‘s sunset slot.

Playing the pick of their two albums to date, the band started their set with the upbeat likes of ‘Shoot The Runner’, then rode into a slower mid-section featuring ‘Brown Acid’ and ‘ID’.

Kasabian ended the show with usual set-closer ‘LSF’, which saw the crowd singing the chorus back to them in unison before the band left the stage.

Kasabian played:

‘Shoot The Runner’

‘Reason Is Treason’

‘Cutt Off’

‘Brown Acid’

‘Me Plus One’



‘Processed Beats’

‘The Doberman’

‘Club Foot’



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