Dave Grohl storms the stage during Snow Patrol’s V Festival set

Foo Fighter gets to grips with Gary Lightbody

Dave Grohl stormed the stage during Snow Patrol at the Stafford leg of V Festival this evening (August 19).

The stage invasion came about after frontman Gary Lightbody dedicated ‘Chasing Cars’ to the Foo Fighers frontman.

He explained he made the gesture to tonight’s headliners, “not because I want hung and kiss him but that would be nice, but 14 years ago we started writing songs because of Nirvana, so let’s hear it for Dave Grohl.”

However Lightbody did get his wish as Grohl emerged from the wings at the end of the song to give him a hug and kiss, leaving the nearly speechless singer to remark “That doesn’t happen everyday.”

Early Lightbody had claimed his band were at fault for the rain that’s lashed the festival.

Playing the V Stage, he revealed his band’s bad luck with the weather all summer.

“We’ve played about 25 outdoor shows this summer and it’s rained at all of them so it’s our fault,” explained Lightbody. “So sorry about that, but if you sing loud enough we can blow the clouds away.”

With a set largely drawn from recent albums ‘Final Straw’ and ‘Eyes Open’, the singer then explained that after this show the band would be taking a break after four years of touring.

“This is the last show we’re doing in England for a year,” declared Lightbody. “So you’re here at the end, thanks.”

The band then introduced a guest for ‘Set The Fire To The Third Bar’, Martha Wainwright, who recorded the album version with the band.

“I wrote this to sing with Martha Wainwright,” explained Lightbody. “We hardly get to play it together but for one of the two times only in the UK she’s here tonight!”

After the song, Lightbody then joked with the crowd “Martha and I are getting married next week, she doesn’t know it yet!”

He added, “Maybe if I dedicate this song to her I can persuade her,” as the band launched into ‘Run’.

They then wrapped up the show with ‘You’re All I Have’, promising to see the crowd again in around 12 months time.

Snow Patrol played:

‘Hands Open’


‘It’s Beginning To Get To Me’

‘Spitting Games’

‘How To Be Dead’

‘Signal Fire’

‘Chasing Cars’

‘Shut Your Eyes’

‘Make This Go On Forever’

‘Set The Fire To The Third Bar’


‘Open Your Eyes’

‘You’re All I Have’

After his brief visit to the stage Grohl and Foo Fighters are now set to close the 2007 festival and we will have a full report up tonight.

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