Willy Mason lets V Festival crowd pick set

Fans at Chelmsford demand 'Oxygen'

Willy Mason performed in the JJB Arena at the Chelmsford leg of the V Festival today (August 19), treating fans to a new song.

Taking the stage at 5.15pm, Mason began his set singing solo with acoustic guitar. Half-way through opening song ‘Into Tomorrow’, Mason‘s band – a guitarist, bassist, drummer and violinist/banjo player – joined him on stage and helped him finish the song in full electric mode.

Mason and his band went on to play favourites from the singer’s two albums to date, including ‘All You Can Do’ and ‘We Can Be Strong’.

After the latter song, Mason introduced a new song, ‘Pick-Up Truck’.

Featuring violin and deft bass playing, the song has a ghostly folk charm and a singalong choruse of “Call out, call out”.

“You guys have a choice,” Mason said after playing ‘So Long’ as his backing band headed off-stage behind him. “We’ve got two minutes before I get kicked off – I can play a brand new song or I can play ‘Oxygen’.”

As soon as he said the song title the crowd cheered and screamed. Mason laughed and said, “Well, alright then,” and performed the song solo acoustic.

The crowd singing the chorus back at him and waving their arms from side to side, before whooping as Mason said his goodbyes and left the stage.

Willy Mason played:

‘Into Tomorrow’

‘All You Can Do’

‘We Can Be Strong’

‘Pick-Up Truck’

‘The World That I Wanted’

‘I Got Gold’

‘Save Myself’

‘So Long’


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