Foo Fighters play surprise acoustic set at V Festival Stafford

Dave Grohl includes an old Nirvana song in afternoon show

Foo Fighters included a Nirvana song in their second surprise set of the weekend at V Festival today (August 19),

Taking to the Channel 4 Stage at Weston Park at 1pm, today’s headliners repeated the laid back set they played in Chelmsford yesterday afternoon.

“Good morning, you alright, it’s a beautiful day,” frontman Dave Grohl announced the crowd who had braved driving rain for the secret set. “We’re to have nice breakfast concert, something to warm us up before we go over there and make the big noise.”

With the band – including founding guitarist and ex-Nirvana man Pat Smear – joined by a violinist and keyboard player, Foo Fighters showed off their softer side, playing gentle versions of their songs.

Varying their set from the Chelmsford show, the band included “very old song” and Nirvana B-side ‘Marigold’, the track Grohl said first gave him the confidence to perform his own material.

Introducing ‘See You’, the frontman then joked about the wet weather conditions, explaining “This is a sunny song, hopefully you’ll fell that way when you hear it.”

Again the band took turns to solo during the song, with Grohl sending up his bandmates’ efforts.

Speaking to keyboard player Rami Jaffee, he declared: “That was surprisingly good seeing as you’re normally stoned when you play, no time to bake before you waked? No roach for breakfast? That’s the most important meal of the day.”

He then excused Nate Mendel from a bass solo saying, “I’m not going to ask him to solo as he just woke up four minutes ago, did you clean your teeth?”

Taylor Hawkins was told “you know what you’re doing in this band” after his energetic drum solo, while Smear simply used his spot to pose.

“Oh yeah, Pat Smear is over here on guitar, he does a fashion solo, he doesn’t play,” said Grohl before telling his bandmate, “that jacket looks good with that guitar. We’ve done these acoustic shows for a while now and I haven’t got Pat to do a solo – good luck”.

Hawkins then took over vocals for ‘Cold Day In The Sun’, before Grohl warned the crowd “You’ve got a big day ahead of you, I expect each an every one of you to be there. It’s 9.20 on the big stage because the intro is amazing, you’ve got to see that shit! Actually, I have no idea what we’re doing!”

The band then wrapped-up their warm-up set with new song ‘But Honestly’ from forthcoming album ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience, Grace’.

Foo Fighters played:

‘Skin And Bones’


‘My Hero’

‘See You’

‘Cold Day In The Sun’

‘Big Me’

‘But Honestly’

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