Primal Scream play new song at V Festival

Band headline JJB Arena in Chelmsford

Primal Scream headlined the JJB Arena tonight (August 18) at the Chelmsford leg of the V Festival, performing the UK debut of a new song.

The band, with singer Bobby Gillespie sporting a black jacket and jeans and bassist Mani wearing white trousers and a loud red shirt, kicked off their set with a selection of songs showcasing their more straight-edged rock ‘n’ roll side.

“Tell you what, junkies aren’t what they used to be” said Gillespie, before playing ‘Sally Suicide And Johnny Guitar’.

The comment may have been a reference to Pete Doherty, as it was rumoured that the song was written about him and ex-girlfriend, model Kate Moss, who is a friend of Gillespie‘s.

Seven songs in Gillespie introduced a new song, ‘Can’t Go Back’.

In the vein of the band’s most recent album, Riot City Blues, the high-tempo rock n roll number has an infectious chorus in which the title is repeated over and over, and was met with mass dancing and cheers.

The band went on to play fan favourites such as ‘Country Girl’ and ‘Swastika Eyes’, which Gillespie dedicated to Jarvis Cocker, who had played the JJB Arena directly before Primal Scream.

During ‘Rocks’, which raised one of the biggest cheers of the set, Mani shouted, “All you Essex girls, get your tops off!”

Gillespie held his mic stand by the base and directed the microphone towards the audience, prompting them to sing the chorus back to him.

After a three-minute break, the band returned to the stage to play slower number ‘Damaged’, which Gillespie dedicated to the late Factory Records founder Tony Wilson.

“This is for Tony,” the singer said. “He was a big inspiration for us.”

Finishing with ‘Loaded’ and ‘Movin’ On Up’, the band left the crowd cheering and dancing, just after they’d made reference to being chosen for the Godlike Genius award at this year’s NME Awards in March.

“We’re not bad for a bunch of old cunts – but don’t believe all you read in the NME,” said Mani. “Yeah – that we’re God-like Geniuses” added Gillespie.

A few bars into the closing ‘Movin’ On Up’ Gillespie, possibly worried his statement would be misconstrued, stopped his band playing and said, “Hold on – we’re not godlike and we’re not geniuses,” before playing the song in full.

Primal Scream played:



‘Shoot Speed Kill Light’

‘Sally Suicide and Johnny Guitar’

‘Burning Wheel’


‘Can’t Go Back’


‘Swastika Eyes’

‘Country Girl’




‘Movin’ On Up’

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