Nicky Wire raises white flag at V Festival

Manics star says: 'I tried to be nice but it all went to shit'

Nicky Wire has turned over a new leaf at V Festival today (August 18), by being complimentary about the rest of the line-up.

After branding Snow Patrol “the most hated band in Britain” on NME.COM yesterday, Wire came to us with the intention of being nice about his fellow comrades.

He said: “I tried to be nice person this year – but it’s just ended up turning to shit again!”

First on Wire‘s list was Rilo Kiley, who played the JJB Arena earlier on.

He said: “I’ve been banging on to James and Sean about them. When we did the second ‘Lifeblood’ tour I just played their album constantly, She’s a brilliant lyricist – deeply sexual, deeply political, deeply odd. You can never put the two together. She had a short skirt on, but not as short as the one I’m gonna be wearing!”

But Wire‘s good mood didn’t last for long, laying into reformed Manchester indie stars James.

He said: “It just feels like a duty to entertain these fuckers having to listen to James in the pouring rain. They deserve a bit of entertainment!”

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