Lily Allen takes on the US and fashion mags at V Festival

The singer make eventual comeback at Weston Park

Lily Allen recovered from the illness that ruled her out of several European shows to play V Festival in Stafford this evening (August 18).

The singer published her doctor’s note online last week (August 11) to explain her absence from the live circuit, but return to action on the Channel 4 Stage.

Wearing a metallic silver dress, and sporting a banana yellow microphone as back by her band and a brass section she played a series of tracks mainly drawn from her debut album ‘Alright, Still’.

Despite sounding a bit hoarse when chatting to the large crowd between songs, Allen was on giggly form as referenced her recent plight which saw her turned back from America last week due to a work visa issue.

“This next song about people who are awkward on the train, US immigration officials and George Bush in general,” she said ahead of ‘Everything Is Wonderful’. However the singer didn’t stop there.

“Who else can fuck off? People who edit fashion magazine,” she added ahead of the song. “Ones like Gratzia, Now and Heat that makes us ladies feel awful. We’re all beautiful – it’s the heroin addict models who’ve got the problem.”

With the set including the likes of ‘Littlest Things’, ‘LDN’ and ‘Smile’, Allen continued in a defiant mood throughout.

In fact the set even ended with her taking aim at V Festival itself as organisers attempted to make her leave the stage ahead of ‘Alfie’.

“What, you want me to go before my last song? So the Manics can come on?”, she asked someone in the wings, before proving she deserved to the extra time as she ended her show in style.

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