Babyshambles play explosive V Festival Chelmsford set

Beer missiles, a thrown guitar and roses for Pete Doherty

Babyshambles played an explosive set tonight (August 18) at the Chelmsford leg of the V Festival.

Taking the stage at precisely 6pm, their scheduled time on the Channel 4 Stage, the band were led out by Pete Doherty, who was wearing black trousers, a yellow neck tie, brown leather jacket and a suede trilby with a cigarette stuck in it.

He sprayed the front row with beer before launching into forthcoming single ‘Delivery’.


Despite a tight start to the set, the show was under threat of being scuppered by sound problems, as during the third song, ‘Beg, Steal Or Borrow’, a pulsing bass sound drowned out the band, however as the song ended the problem ceased and didn’t recur.

Keeping banter to a minimum, Doherty said, “We are Babyshambles, by the way” after the song, before playing new track ‘Baddie’s Boogie’, a track from their forthcoming album, ‘Shotter’s Nation’.

Before the band ran through ‘The Blinding’, Doherty bummed a drag on guitarist Mick Whitnall‘s cigarette, before downing a pint of lager in two gulps, causing the crowd to cheer him.

“I hope that’s not the biggest cheer we get all afternoon,” Doherty quipped.

During ‘The Blinding’ an assault of beercan missiles from the audience began, and continued throughout the rest of the set.

Doherty was narrowly missed by two cans, while he attempted to catch another two, only to see them bounce off his hand.


On one occasion, after a can missed him by a few feet, he made a ‘Come and have a go’ gesture at the audience, who jovially cheered him.

During ‘Sedative’ Doherty hurled a can back into the crowd after one hit Whitnall‘s legs.

The ante was upped further during the band’s rendition of ‘Killamangiro’.

Doherty had started playing the song using the wrong guitar, so a roadie attempted to unplug it while he was playing it.

As it was unplugged, Doherty hurled the guitar into the photo pit and strapped on an alternative guitar. Later in the song he raised his hands in mock horror as yet another beer can sailed over his head.

An already ecstatic crowd cheered even louder as Babyshambles ran through ‘What Katy Did’, a song by Doherty’s former band, The Libertines.

Doherty stayed quiet during the chorus and seemed touched when the crowd sang the words to the song, writted with former band-mate Carl Barat, back to him.

The set ended with ‘Crumb Begging’ and a euphoric ‘Fuck Forever’, during which Doherty threw his microphone into the crowd and placed two roses, which had been thrown to him by a fan, between his teeth, while reading a note attached to them.

After drummer Adam Ficek abandoned his drums at the death of the song, Doherty climbed behind the kit and bashed out a rhythm for a few seconds before the band left the stage to cheers for more.

Babyshambles played:



‘Beg, Steal Or Borrow’

‘Baddie’s Boogie’

‘The Blinding’



‘Side Of The Road’

‘What Katy Did’

‘Crumb Begging’

‘Fuck Forever’

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