Foo Fighters play surprise afternoon V Festival slot

Dave Grohl and co head to the Channel Four Stage for 'secret' set

Foo Fighters played a surprise afternoon slot at the Chelmsford leg of the V Festival this afternoon (August 18).

Arriving on the Channel Four Stage at 1.05pm, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, sporting a black T-shirt, clipped beard and aviator shades, led his band through a series of acoustic-based songs.

Opening with ‘Miracle’, the band were bolstered by a violinist/cellist and keyboard player.


After performing ‘My Hero’, Grohl said, “I was under the impression that this [surprise show] was gonna be in a little tent.

“We’re gonna play some acoustic songs, then you’ve got six or seven hours to get pissed for our rock show tonight,” he continued, referring to his band’s scheduled headline slot on the V Stage tonight.

During a run-through of ‘See You’, Grohl invited his band members to perform a solo each, including a bar salloon-style keyboard solo and an impressive violin solo from Jesse Green, who was playing with the band today.

Grohl joined in the solo renditions himself, saying, “I’ve decided to do a vocal solo for you.”

After a series of comedy groans, he continued: “I’m just kidding, I can’t beat that Christina Aguilera shit.”

After playing ‘Eighteen’, Grohl signed off by leading his band through acoustic-led new song ‘But Honestly’ as he declared: “We’re gonna play one more then we’re gonna blow some asses on the Main Stage later on.”


The full setlist was:


‘My Hero’

‘Skin And Bone’

‘See You’

‘Cold Day In The Sun’


‘But Honestly’

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