The Vaccines bassist to play debut solo gig with Babyshambles member

Vaccines bassist Arni has shared new solo songs

The Vaccines bassist Arni Arnason has announced that he will play a solo show in London later in October, backed by members of Babyshambles and his full-time band.

Billed simply as Arni, Arnason will headline the capital’s Popular Culture club night at The Finsbury on October 28.

Arni will be backed live by former Vaccines drummer Pete Robertson and Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell. Support comes from Sløtface and Less Win. Tickets are available here.


Listen to Arni’s new songs ‘Bore You With My Melody’ and ‘New M.O (UFO)’ below.

“A project implies a goal or a result of some description and I think I’m approaching this in the absolute opposite way,” Arni says of the side venture. “I want to do this as un-pro and as ‘for the fuck of it’ as I can. This is not a Project, but an Outlet.”

“It’s simple and honest. I haven’t got a strategy – let alone a release – in mind. I’ve always just made music for the fuck of it and I’ll release it if and whenever I want to.”

Arni continues: “I’ve got a junkyard of a studio which serves as a constant inspiration. Surrounding yourself with a bunch of knock-off brands and shitty 80s synths naturally lends itself to silly sonic experiments”.


“I wrote a bunch of songs at the beginning of the year and this Depresso Tropicana vibe came very naturally to me. I’ve always hated my nasal baritone voice, but it seems to make sense with the music I’ve been writing lately. Anyway, I’m embracing it. It’s simple and honest.”

Meanwhile, The Vaccines have revealed that they have almost finished writing their new record.

The trio started working on a follow-up to 2015’s ‘English Graffiti’ earlier this year and are planning to start recording their new material soon.

“We’ve got like twenty songs – I don’t know how many of them are gonna end up being Vaccines songs. I think we’ll just record in the new year and see what happens,” frontman Justin Hayward-Young told DIY Mag recently.