Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig covers ‘Seinfeld’ theme for video game

Singer records version of 'The Junior Mint' for the project

Vampire Weekend singer Ezra Koenig has recorded a cover of the Seinfeld theme tune.

The frontman’s version of the TV sitcom theme will be used in the video game The Junior Mint: a bizarre game in which players choose to control either Jerry Seinfeld or Cosmo Kramer and attempt to throw Junior Mints into a patient’s open surgery wound. The game, with Koenig’s hummed soundtrack, can be found here.

The Junior Mint was created by the Twitter account @Seinfeld2000. Jason Richards, who runs the account, interviewed the singer in May last year for Noisey.

Vampire Weekend released their third studio album ‘Vampires Of The Modern City’ last year. Koenig recently spoke about the New York band’s plans for a follow-up record, stating: “Sometimes I feel like starting on it really quickly, sometimes it feels like we should take more time.

“It’s like people say when you’re solving a problem, you think about it really hard, and then you stop thinking about it with your conscious mind. You’re watching TV and walking the dog, and suddenly the answer comes to you. I think the music just kind of guides you.”