Vampire Weekend fans speculate over cryptic new album message

Band post cryptic acronym 'MVOTC' on their Tumblr page

Vampire Weekend fans are speculating about what the meaning of an acronym spotted on their official website could mean.

‘MVOTC’ is seen on both the band’s official website and as part of a gif the New York band revealed on Tumblr this afternoon (February 1). The acronym is likely to be related to the title of the band’s forthcoming third album and could also be linked to the Martha’s Vineyard area of Massachusetts where some of the album was recorded.

The band posted a message on Twitter confirming the album was complete on January 2. The message read simply: “LP3 complete. May 7th.” The LP will be the band’s first new material since 2010’s ‘Contra’ and has been in the works for more than 20 months. Although they say they have been mentally composing the record “since the we handed in [2010’s] ‘Contra'”, when they actually began writing tracks in producer and multi-instrumentalist Rostam Batmanglij’s Brooklyn apartment, they found a creative flurry at the beginning soon hit a wall.

“Making every record is a process full of tough times,” singer and guitarist Ezra Keonig told NME. “Invariably that’s how it is for us. When we started to work a few days a week and really pick things up we immediately had maybe two or three songs that we thought were perfect for this record, a new vibe, quality songwriting. We felt great about them for two or three months, but then after a while you realize, ‘OK, we have two or three great songs and we need 11 or 12’.”

A Vampire Weekend previously convinced a number of media outlets that a picture he took as part of a college art project was the official album artwork for the band’s new album

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