Vampire Weekend were nearly on the ‘Shrek Forever After’ soundtrack

Ezra Koenig "refused to capitalize on Weezer's misfortune."

Vampire Weekend‘s Ezra Koenig has recalled the time he and the band turned down the chance to record a song for the Shrek soundtrack.

The story dates back to 2010 and involves Weezer, whose place on the soundtrack Vampire Weekend were offered. Weezer had been asked to cover the Monkees ‘I’m A Believer’ for inclusion on the Shrek Forever After soundtrack but a 2009 bus accident threatened to prevent them from being able to record the track.

Fearing that they might be left one song short of a full soundtrack, the Shrek team approached Vampire Weekend and asked if they would like to record the cover instead. They refused, with Koenig sayings that he “refused to capitalize on Weezer’s misfortune.” See below for the frontman’s full story, via Twitter.

Other songs on the soundtrack include Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’, Beatie Boy’s ‘Sure Shot’ and Antonio Banderas’ (the voice of Puss In Boots) take on ‘One Love/Sunshine And Rainbows’.

Speaking last year, Koenig said a fourth Vampire Weekend album will happen, though an arrival date is some way off. He also suggested that older material that was deemed not right for previous albums could make its way onto album number four.

Guitarist/keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij recently announced that he has parted ways with the New York band, citing a desire to develop as a solo artist and producer for other artists.