Vampire Weekend’s ‘Contra’ cover model settles with band out of court

Ann Kirsten Kennis claimed her photo was used on the 2010 album without her permission

The woman who sued Vampire Weekend for using a photo of her on their 2010 album ‘Contra’ has settled with the band and their label XL out of court.

Ann Kirsten Kennis sued Vampire Weekend and XL for $2 million (£1.28 million), explaining that she had never given permission for the shot of her to be used on their second album.

Vampire Weekend then issued a lawsuit to photographer Tod Brody over the ‘Contra’ album cover. Vampire Weekend said that liability lies with Brody, because he presented them with a release form supposedly signed by Kennis. However, she claims Brody never even took the photo, despite selling it to the band to use.

Now though, Kennis has settled with the band and their out of court for an undisclosed amount, reports Pitchfork. The suit that Vampire Weeekend filed against Brody is still pending. Brody is apparently now representing himself after parting ways with his lawyers when he failed to pay them.