Listen to Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig sing on the ‘Peter Rabbit’ soundtrack

James Corden's version of the track came out last week

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig has released a new song for the new Peter Rabbit film soundtrack.

‘I Promise You’ was originally released last week, with the titular character’s actor James Corden on vocals. 

Now co-writer Koenig has released his personal demo of the track, which he wrote with the film’s director Will Gluck.


Contrasting with the official movie version, Ezra’s vocal demo lends an indie sound to the jangly pop tune. Listen below:

The Peter Rabbit movie has already faced criticism since its release last week for portraying “allergy bullying”.

The film sees a gang of bunnies pelt Domhnall Gleeson’s villainous live-action Mr McGregor with blackberries, sending him into anaphylactic shock. 

Meanwhile, Ezra Koenig has been busy working on the upcoming Vampire Weekend album, due for release this year.


In September last year, one Twitter user sent Koenig a photo of a pie she baked, featuring, in pastry, the words: “Where’s the album?”

Koenig replied to the pie message, claiming the record is “80% done but the last 20% is always the hardest.”

The working title for the album is Mitsubishi Macchiato, but before you get it pre-emptively tattooed, Koenig has warned that this is subject to change.