Van Halen deny they are recording a new album

Eddie Van Halen's wife denies online rumours

Rumours that Van Halen have completed a new album with David Lee Roth have been denied by Eddie Van Halen‘s wife and spokesperson Janie.

Whispers that a new album was completed over the weekend (July 3-4) with a single due at the end of this year started circulating online, forcing Janie to make a statement to Rolling Stone denying the band were recording.

“What is going around is exactly that, rumours. I don’t have any updates at this time,” she said.

Eddie Van Halen stated in 2009 he was working on new tracks but wanted to wait until he healed from thumb surgery and his son and bassist, Wolfgang, finished high school before recording again.

“I’ve got tons of music written, such a variety of stuff,” he said in 2009. “The essence of me is obviously there, and those drums, they’re always recognizable. But people expect a certain thing from Van Halen, and this isn’t exactly bang-your-head-against-the-wall stuff.”

According to Rolling Stone, while Wolfgang has now graduated and Eddie has recovered from surgery, there have been no updates regarding Van Halen entering the studio.