David Lee Roth imposter revealed

Canadian traffic incident did not involved Van Halen front man

Police in Canada have revealed a man they pulled over for driving erratically in Ontario recently was not Van Halen front man David Lee Roth, but an imposter.

As previously reported, two policemen pulled over a man in the province in May for speeding. The man told police he was David Lee Roth, and that he was having an allergic reaction to peanuts. Police waited with the man until emergency services arrived and took him to hospital where he told medical staff the same story.

Now thestar.com has revealed that the man was David Kuntz of Cambridge, ONT and he had previously posed as Lee Roth on several occasions including at a local bar where he performed with the house band under his rock star guise.

The charade was brought to police attention after newspaper readers recognized Kuntz and called the police.

In an interview with TMZ.com, the real David Lee Roth said he is not allergic to peanuts, but is “allergic to criticism”.

–By our New York staff.

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