Canadian police saved life of David Lee Roth

Rocker suffered allergic reaction while driving

Police in Canada saved the life of David Lee Roth when they pulled his car over after they noticed him driving erratically.

The Van Halen frontman was behind the wheel of a car in Ontario, Canada in May, when he apparently suffered an allergic reaction to nuts, affecting his ability to drive.

Constable Chris Thompson was one of the officers on the scene who helped Roth, and did not immediately recognise him from his rock ‘n’ roll past.

�At the time, I wasn�t star struck,� Thompson told the Toronto Sun. �I was just trying to help him. The guy stuck out like a sore thumb. He was wearing a little silk scarf and flashy clothing � it�s not something you see in Oakland too often.�

Thompson and a colleague stayed with Roth until an ambulance arrived.

The story was reported yesterday. Canadian police have said they do not know how the story of the incident leaked and say they do not generally comment on a medical emergency such as this one.

–By our New York staff.

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