The Star newspaper alleged that star was having an affair with another singer...

VAN MORRISON has won further damages over newspaper allegations that he had an affair with singer LINDA GAIL LEWIS.

At Belfast High Court today (November 22), Morrison accepted undisclosed damages from The Star newspaper in Dublin.

Last week, Morrison was awarded “substantial damages” in an action against the Irish independent newspaper who printed the same allegation. The BBC reports that a statement read in court today said The Star unreservedly accepted “allegations published earlier this year were completely without foundation”. it went on to say that publishers, Independent Star Ltd, apologised sincerely to Mr Morrison for the upset and embarrassment they had caused.

“My client is pleased to have had the record set straight so far as this newspaper is concerned and is satisfied with the categorical retraction and apology,” Morrison’s solicitor Paul Tweed said.

Other libel actions against other publications over the allegations are still pending.