Organisers of the Oxfordshire festival, headlined by Paul Van Dyk and Seb Fontaine, are consulting with the Government...

The MEZZANINE MAYDAY BALL is the first UK festival to announce its precautions against the spread of foot and mouth disease.

The promoters of the event, which takes place on May 6 in Oxfordshire, and features DJ performances from the likes of Paul Van Dyk and Seb Fontaine, are acting on advice from the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) on how best to proceed.

“MAFF have been fully informed of the plans for the Ball,” Mezzanine promoter Ali Jobe explained. “[They] are happy for the event to proceed with the right precautions in place. We would like to assure everyone who has purchased tickets, and those who are about to, that there is no problem regarding the current foot and mouth outbreak regarding our site.”

No parking will be allowed on site, and shuttle buses running from the park-and-ride facility will drive through and over disinfectant pads. In addition, each attendee will also be required to walk over disinfectant pads before entering the site.

“The land which the ball occupies hasn’t had any livestock on its grounds for over five years,” Jobe continued. “Another advantage is the fact that for the very first time in the UK, the event will be totally undercover and fully floored throughout. The 15,000 square feet of space will be under one roof interconnected by various tunnels and walkways, which will further reduce the risks of contamination.”

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