Antemasque throw boiling water at fans during festival performance

Band's Cedric Bixler-Zavala pelted crowd with kettle and jug of water

Antemasque have provoked anger by throwing boiling water at their fans during a festival performance in New Zealand.

The band, made up of former members of Mars Volta and At the Drive-In, pelted the audience at Auckland’s Westfest with a series of objects that included a kettle and a jug of boiling water.

One fan, Hugh Smith, told The New Zealand Herald that “Cedric [Bixler-Zavala] threw a plastic kettle full of boiling hot water towards me and my friends.

“We were standing about four-five metres back. I threw my hand up to catch it before it collided with my friend’s face… this bruised my hand and then splashed hot water all over him and my face. It bloody hurt.”

Another unnamed fan added: “Whenever the vocalist picked up an item you never knew if it was going to land on you, it was quite on edge. He actually threw his microphone at the crowd at the end but since it was on a cord it landed just off the stage.”

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Westfest said they were investigating the claim but did not make a comment. The festival was headlined by Soundgarden, Faith No More and Fall Out Boy.

Meanwhile, Antemasque fans have expressed their disapproval on the band’s official Facebook page, with one fan writing: “If you’ve got any balls at all you should post a public apology online to everyone you tried to injure. You don’t deserve to be on stage when you intentionally set out to injure your audience!”

Antemasque released their self-titled debut last year. The band are scheduled to perform at this year’s Coachella Festival in April.