Dutch musician catches beer and downs it while crowdsurfing at festival – watch

David Achter de Molen is the frontman of post-hardcore band John Coffey

Footage of the frontman of Dutch band John Coffey showing the singer catching an airborne beer thrown by a fan before proceeding to drink from the plastic cup has gone viral.

Post-hardcore band John Coffey were performing at the Netherlands’ PinkPop Festival on Saturday (June 13) when frontman David Achter de Molen entered the crowd. With the performance streaming online, the moment was caught on camera when Achter de Molen managed to catch a beer thrown from long-range.

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Speaking to local news source 3voor12, the individual who threw the beer Niels van den Ham said: “I was completely out of my mind. Everyone looked around at me and said ‘That was you, eh?’ I thought it was so beautiful how David… remained completely cool. And then I went and got new beer.”

See the incident in the clip below.

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John Coffey hail from Utrecht in the Netherlands. Their band name refers to a character of the same name from 1999 movie The Green Mile.

The group released their debut album ‘Vanity’ in 2009, following it with ‘Bright Companions’ in 2012. Their third album ‘The Great News’ was released in January of this year.