Nao says her record label want her to be as big as Adele

Emerging soul star released her debut 'For All We Know' last Friday (July 29)

Emerging soul star Nao claims that her record label want her to be as big as Adele.

The East London singer, who finished third in the BBC’s Influential Sound Of 2016 poll, released her debut album ‘For All We Know’ last Friday (July 29).

Speaking about her goals for the future to NME, she said: “Oh my gosh! I think if you were asking my label they want me to be Adele, but I’ve set the bar quite low. Is that a bad thing to say? I think [my record] it’s a cultural album. Maybe it’s not an album that sells loads and loads in its first week, but it could be a word of mouth thing.

“And then people start to hear it and over time it grows and finds its home. I feel like those are the albums I love.”

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She also praised Adele’s Glastonbury set, but admitted it would be daunting to headline the Pyramid Stage.

“I watched Adele at Glastonbury and I thought she was obviously doing an amazing job, but for one person to give themselves to that many people…I wondered what she was thinking before she went on stage,” Nao explained. “I imagine it would be quite daunting. Cut me next year, when I’m on the Pyramid Stage and I’m like, ‘See you later!’ and get in my jumbo jet.”

Meanwhile, David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ recently beat Adele to be the best selling vinyl record of 2016 so far.

Bowie beat Adele‘s ’25’ to the top spot, which was also the best selling vinyl album of 2015, selling 116,000 copies last year. So far in 2016, ’25’ has shifted 36,000 vinyl copies.