John Malkovich teams up with Placebo, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and more for Record Store Day LP

The actor is also working with Sean Lennon, Placebo and Ric Ocasek

John Malkovich has joined forces with a host of music stars to create a release for Record Store Day, which features various remixes of the actor reading an interpretation of Plato’s Cave Allegory.

The first remix to be revealed from ‘Like A Puppet Show’ is by Cars’ frontman, Ric Ocasek. The LP, whose cover art is displayed above, will be out on Record Store Day’s Black Friday event, which takes place on November 27.

Ocasek’s track is the first in a planned group of releases, which have been produced with a list of collaborators including Yoko Ono and The Dandy Warhols.

To create the record, Malkovich read an interpretation of Plato’s Cave Allegory over an original piece of music. What was created was sent to eleven different collaborators, who remixed what they received. The full list of collaborators, which also includes Efterklang and OMD, can be seen below.

Listen to the first release by Ric Ocasek, ‘Cryoblue Cheese O’, below:

Tracklisting for ‘Like a Puppet Show’:
1. Cryolife 7:14 A.M. (Mixed by Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon)
2. Cryocarbon 14C (Mixed by OMD)
3. Cryoblue Cheese Ο (Mixed by Ric Ocasek)
4. CryoZolon X (Mixed by Dweezil Zappa)
5. Cryoparoxsym A (Mixed by Young the Giant)
6. Platogenia X And The Caves (Mixed by the Dandy Warhols)
7. Cryostat Ø (Mixed by Efterklang)
8. Cryoplacebo 47/XXY (Mixed by Placebo)
9. Photogenia C (Ruler Of Light) (Mixed by Chris Stein)
10. Optimogenia Z [Edit Mix] (Mixed by Harry Waters)
11. Cryopian D (Mixed by Dolores O’Riordan)

Earlier this year Universal defended Record Store Day amid recent criticism from a number of independent labels and artists regarding the annual event.

After independent labels Sonic Cathedral and Howling Owl released a statement that said “how every day should be record store day” and that the current Record Store Day “rules and regulations” mean that it’s “not beneficial to small, backs to the wall labels”, Universal Music posted a blog to their official website titled ‘Who Wins From Record Store Day?’ in which they wrote: “Until a few weeks ago it seemed everyone in the music industry thought Record Store Day, the eight-year-old celebration of the UK’s hundreds of indie music shops, was a great idea. RSD has given the indie store sector, decimated over the last decade or so with the closure of over 500 shops, a new lease of life… But, then the naysayers arrived.”

The post also quotes Universal’s independent sales manager, Marc Fayd’Herbe, who said: “I have worked with indies for 25 years and RSD has been the single best thing that has ever happened to the indies (stores). We should never forget that. We have supported RSD from the beginning. A few years ago stores were begging us to bring out stuff. Now we have brought out a nice raft of releases, some people are saying ‘Oh, they want to take over’.”