Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis says he ‘can’t really relax’ at festival

Festival organiser says first glimpse at 2015 site left him speechless

Festival founder Michael Eavis says he won’t be able to watch a full performance at Glastonbury, because he’ll be too busy to relax.

Speaking to Glastonbury Free Press, the newspaper printed on-site, Eavis also spoke of his pride at seeing the completed festival site.

Eavis said: “My main concern now is the weather and making sure that things are working on the roads and in the car parks. And I’ve got to personally thank about 20,000 people myself over the Festival. That takes a lot of time. It’s a big job and I have to keep up the enthusiasm.”

Asked if he will find time to enjoy himself, Eavis said: “Enjoyment is the wrong word. I can’t really relax and watch a whole performance. I’ll always be thinking, ‘What should I be doing now?’ But the sense of achievement is immense.”

He added: “We went to look at [performance area] Block9 last night, and driving along that ridge, seeing the whole valley full of energy and beauty and creativity, I was speechless. It’s better than it’s been, it really is. Even after all these years, to be stunned to silence. Isn’t that incredible?”

Eavis staged the first festival at Worthy Farm, the Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival, in 1970.

Glastonbury Festival 2015 runs from June 26 until June 28 and is headlined by Kanye West and The Who, with Florence And The Machine replacing Foo Fighters, who were forced to cancel last week due to Dave Grohl’s leg injury. Scheduled musical performances start on Friday (June 26), but secret sets are known to take place on the Thursday leg each year. The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess has hinted at a possible Glastonbury secret set.

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