The Damned bassist Bryn Merrick dies aged 56

Merrick played on two albums with the band, including 1985's best-selling 'Phantasmagoria'

The Damned bassist Bryn Merrick has passed away aged 56.

The bass player lost his battle with cancer and died at University Hospital Llandough in Cardiff on Saturday (September 12).

Merrick joined the iconic ’70s punk band in 1983, taking over from Paul Gray. He played on two albums with the group: their best-selling sixth album, 1985’s ‘Phantasmagoria’, which spawned the hit single ‘Eloise’, and the 1986 follow-up ‘Anything.’

Merrick also appeared with The Damned on an episode of UK comedy The Young Ones.

Following his two-album stint with The Damned, Merrick went on to play in Ramones covers band The Shamones where he was known as BeeBee Shamone. The Shamones split in August.

Merrick posted his final comment on Facebook on August 18, which read, “Goodbye, signing out for a while”.

Watch The Damned’s appearance on The Young Ones below: