Amazon to develop headphones which switch off when your name is called

Safety cans also allow listeners to hear the sirens coming

A new set of headphones which turn off when the user’s name is called, are being developed by Amazon.

The company was recently granted permission for a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that turn off when they hear specific sounds or keywords, leaving the listener less vulnerable to hazards when out on the street.

The technology would make wearing headphones safer and more practical, allowing users to hear when a siren is approaching or be able to respond when their name is called.


Plans were originally filed by the company in July 2014. The technology appears to be similar to that found in Amazon’s Echo speaker, which listens in the background until prompted to answer a question, reports Fact Magazine.


Earlier this year, reports claimed a stand-alone music streaming service, would run separately from Amazon’s current Prime service.

The Guardian reported that sources have said Amazon believe a “comprehensive music service is important to its bid to be a one-stop shop for content and goods”.

While Amazon Prime subscribers have access to a modest selection of music to stream, this new service will offer a “competitive catalogue” that will rival those of Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, each of which have 30 million, 13 million and 3 million paying subscribers, respectively.

Earlier this year Amazon launched a stand-alone video streaming service called Amazon Video in the US for $8.99/m, that takes the video side of Amazon Prime independent. Were this new music streaming venture to materialise, it would undoubtedly run in the same way, reportedly for $9.99/m.