Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Nas and other music stars respond to Charleston Church shooting

The artists tweet their support following the shooting at the historic black church

Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams are among the musicians responding to the Charleston Church shooting on Twitter.

Minaj took to the social networking site on Thursday (June 18), speaking out against the killing of nine black people by a young white man at the historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday (June 17).

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Dylann Roof, 21, has allegedly admitted to the crimes, with CNN reporting that he outlined his motives to police as the intention of starting a race war.

Responding to the incident, Minaj tweeted: “Innocent people gathering to worship God are brutally murdered. Smh. Cherish life you guys…and cherish the people u love”.

Taylor Swift, Killer Mike, John Legend, Ryan Adams and Bruno Mars also took to Twitter to express their sadness and offer their support to the victim’s families and the community of Charleston.

Read the tweets below.


Rapper Nas also spoke about the incident to Vibe. He said: “Prayers to the families and family [members] that had to witness such a horrific [situation]. My prayers are with y’all… Mental illness is something that I wish we could detect earlier on – from birth. So we don’t have to worry about who’s who? Who are we walking around? Who are the people that we are living around us that are sick? That really need help.”

“We have to live our life in this zoo. How do we heal the people that are mentally ill today? How do we make them more respectful of each other no matter what race they are? Racism is rotting America. It’s been rotting America since [its] inception. So this is a very serious time that we’re moving into in 2015.”

Watch that Nas interview below.