Manny Pacquiao to walk out to his own pop song before Floyd Mayweather fight

Boxer has recorded his own track 'Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino'

Manny Pacquiao takes on Floyd Mayweather this Saturday (May 2) in a long-awaited contest that’s expected to be the highest grossing boxing match of all time.

As well as being a pugilist, basketball player, actor and politician, “The Pac-Man” is also a would-be singer, and has revealed to Sky Sports News that his ring walk will be soundtracked by his own pop song, ‘Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino’, which translates to “I Fight for the Filipino People”.

Pacquiao recorded the song in his native Tagalog language. In English, the lyrics translate as: “We are going to fight/I am going to fight to the world/Fight for your name/I am Filipino/We are Filipino”. The 36-year-old recently appeared on US chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live where he and the host sang along to ‘Lalaban Ako Para Sa Filipino’. Click below to watch.

Pacquiao is not the first boxer to perform his own walk out theme. Roy Jones would regularly rap his own original songs on his way to the ring. Mayweather himself has previously entered an arena accompanied by Justin Bieber and a performing Lil Wayne.

Two interested spectators this Saturday will be Diddy and Mark Wahlberg, who have a $250,000 bet riding on the fight. The rapper is backing the American Mayweather to maintain his undefeated record against Pacquiao.

The pair announced the wager via a video posted to Diddy’s Instagram account last week. Sitting by a swimming pool, the ‘Bad Boy For Life’ performer initially proposes a $100,000 bet, to which Wahlberg responds, “Why so little?”. The ante was then upped to $250,000.