Suge Knight hires Michael Jackson’s former defence lawyer for murder trial

The hip-hop mogul is accused of an alleged hit-and-run attack taking place in the car park of a Compton fast food restaurant

Death Row Records founder Suge Knight has hired Michael Jackson’s former lawyer as his defence attorney during his ongoing murder trial.

Knight is standing trial for murder following an alleged hit-and-run incident involving two men in the car park of a Compton fast food restaurant on January 29 in which he is accused of running over the two men, killing one of them. Heavyweight Records co-founder Terry Carter was killed during the incident, while Cle Sloan was badly injured.

Now, Knight has hired Thomas Mesereau, who successfully defended Jackson against accusations of child molestation. “I am convinced he is innocent,” Mesereau told reporters outside court. He told the judge inside the court: “I don’t think he’s being treated humanely”.

The rap mogul recently collapsed in court after the judge ordered his bail bet be set at $25m (£16.7m). Judge Ronald S Coen said the huge bail fee was justified as the hip-hop mogul was already on bail over a separate robbery case at the time of his arrest.

In April, a video was formally released by the court of Suge Knight’s alleged hit-and-run attack. The surveillance camera footage was formally reviewed during a preliminary court hearing on April 17 and officially released shortly after.

If convicted, Knight could be sentenced to life in prison.