The Smiths and Oasis album covers recreated by BBC radio presenters

Manchester DJs mark the upcoming BBC Music Day, which takes place on June 5

BBC radio presenters have recreated iconic album covers to mark the upcoming BBC Music Day.

The inaugural BBC Music Day takes place on June 5, with BBC Radio Manchester presenters restaging and shooting artwork from The Smiths, Oasis and Lisa Stansfield. All the photos were originally shot in the city.

Presenters Mike Sweeney, Phil Trow, Alison Butterworth and Sam Walker have recreated the iconic inner sleeve from The Smiths’ third album ‘The Queen Is Dead’, which was photographed outside Salford Lads Club. Sweeney, who presents the station’s mid-morning show, claims to be the first DJ to interview the Smiths frontman Morrissey. “The first thing I said was ‘Hey your hairstyle reminds me of Billy Fury’ and he said ‘I love Billy Fury’,” Sweeney recalls. “So the interview ended up sound as a pound.”

Hosts Allan Beswick, Andy Crane, Eamonn O’Neal, Jimmy Wagg and Mike Shaft have recreated Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’ cover, while Becky Want posed as Lisa Stansfield. See the images above and below.

Meanwhile, Oasis’ former manager Alan McGee has stated that he can’t imagine a reunion of the Britpop band happening “any time soon”.

McGee said: “Liam and Noel are the happiest I’ve seen them in years, so for that reason I can’t see a reunion happening.” Despite this, McGee stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if Oasis reunited “at some point in the next 20 years”. He added: “Who knows what goes on in the heads of the Gallaghers?”

Whether the band reunite or not, McGee is sure that he will not be involved in any comeback. “They’ve already got a manager and I like things the way they are,” McGee said. “I certainly wouldn’t have any interest in reforming the band… I wouldn’t even go to see them. I suppose if they toured and somebody told me their gigs were incredible I might go but only if I knew it was going to be great.”