‘The Wire’ star Dominic West raps to promote new film ‘Guillemot’

Actor appears alongside local Nottingham rappers

Dominic West, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Jimmy McNulty in HBO drama The Wire, has tried his hand at rapping to promote Guillemot, a new film set in a Nottingham estate.

Appearing in an SBTV-produced video, West performs the chorus of a track featuring verses from local MCs Sinead, Bugsey and Jah Digga. Click above to watch.

Guillemot (which does not star West) has been made by a group of young people from St Ann’s Estate in Nottingham with input from the Royal Foundation. The 30-minute film follows the journey of 16-year-old Tylar who faces some difficult life choices when she is made homeless.

In addition to appearing in the rap promo, West interviewed the cast and crew about the film, which you can watch below. Guillemot will be available to watch via YouTube from February 3.