Glasgow’s Arches venue to appeal licensing decision – read statement

The club has been forced to close at midnight, putting the late-night venue at risk

Glasgow venue The Arches have issued a statement following recent news that they face closure.

Last week, the Glasgow Licensing Board decided that the venue should close every day at midnight, effectively putting the late-night venue at risk. The club was raided by the police raid during March, with 26 drug and alcohol-related incidents recorded at the venue.

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Now, a statement posted on the Arches website states that they are “stunned” by Glasgow Licensing Board’s decision.

The statement reads, “The Board of Directors for The Arches met last night (Monday May 18) to review all possible options for the future of the acclaimed city centre venue. Glasgow Licensing Board’s decision to curtail the licensed hours of the venue, thus precluding essential club activity, will have a devastating effect on the future of the venue. The board is now taking legal advice on appealing the decision. Meanwhile this week’s scheduled events go ahead as planned.”

The venue’s executive director Mark Anderson said, “We are still stunned by Friday’s decision and at a loss to understand just what more we could have done to provide a safer clubbing environment at The Arches. Over the period under review, we welcomed over 250,000 clubbers through our doors. Of that number, just 0.14% were reported for misuse of drugs incidents.”

Anderson added, “What is more worrying is that despite the increased safety measures we adopted on the recommendation of Police Scotland, which had already alienated many of our valued club customers, our successful operation of those policies has resulted in the statistics being used against us.”

Artistic director Lucy Mason continues in the statement, “We have been overwhelmed by the humbling and heartening support for The Arches and would like to thank everyone for being so passionate and articulate on our behalf. It is impossible to imagine the cultural landscape with The Arches wiped of the map, a situation which is entirely possible given the interdependency of the Arts and Club activity within our organisation.”

A petition to save the venue has been launched following the Licensing Board’s decision, attracting nearly 35,000 signatures.

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