Retailers and independent labels call for weekly worldwide album release day to be Monday

The current plan is for records to be released on a Friday

A host of retailers and independent record labels have called for the proposed worldwide release day for albums to happen on a Monday, the traditional release date in the UK.

As it stands the plan, which will see albums released on the same day across the globe, is for Friday to be the designated day for album releases. However, a number of musical organisations have expressed that this move could lead to additional financial costs.

In a statement, organisations including Rough Trade, US record shop Amoeba Music and the Association of Independent Music explained their views on the situation.

The statement reads: “A move to a Friday would unfortunately entail additional costs for many in the industry. We believe that while these costs are easily calculable, tangible costs, the forecasted beneficial revenue effects of a Global Release Day are inconclusive and subject to a range of opinions.”

“More and more global releases have been coming out on a Monday and the industry has proven that it can handle these with no additional cost.”

The companies involved did, however, support the general idea to release globally on the same day, citing combating piracy as one of the major benefits of the scheme.

Currently, albums are released on different days in different countries although, as previously reported, the new rule is likely to be implemented from July 2015.