BBC reveals ban on Neil Young and The Doors’ music following copyright changes

Stations also unable to play Journey and Bonnie Raitt for fear of copyright infringement

The BBC have announced they will no longer play or use music from Neil Young, The Doors, Journey and Bonnie Raitt

The artists involved have withdrawn from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS), no longer wishing to be accept the society’s licensing agreements.

The BBC’s legal department have now told staff and producers of their stations and shows that they had no means of paying them when their songs were broadcasted and will not be able to do so until an agreement is reached with their publishers.


As well as the music by the artists, the BBC have also blacklisted any covers of their songs by other artists or tracks that sample their music.

Wixen Music, the rights representative of these artists, has released a statement in response to the news saying: “The BBC can use Neil Young and The Doors any time they negotiate a license with us to do so in a given programme.”

“All we are saying is that we won’t pre-approve uses or fees if the clients have not had an opportunity to review and approve the uses and fees.”


“In the USA, where these artists are based, TV uses are approved and fees negotiated by the artists and songwriters, or their representatives, and our clients are not used to blanket pre-agreed uses and fees.”

“This is just basic respect for artists and songwriters wishing to determine how their work is used and at what fees.”

When asked if the BBC may ever sign a direct mechanical rights deal with a specific artist or publisher, they responded: “The BBC believes that single blanket collective licensing remains the most efficient and highly cost effective way to licence its music.”