N-Dubz rapper Dappy backs his manager’s father Norman Lamb for Liberal Democrat leadership

MP's son Archie Lamb manages Dappy and Dot Rotten

N-Dubz rapper Dappy has publicly endorsed Norman Lamb to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrats, after Nick Clegg resigned following last week’s General Election in the wake of the party’s disappointing performance.

The N-Dubz rapper tweeted: “I’m backing ‪@NormanLamb to become leader of the Liberal Democrats and help put power back in the hands of individuals,” adding a link to the campaign’s Back Norman website.

Dappy’s endorsement of Lamb isn’t as unexpected as it might first appear. Lamb’s son Archie Lamb manages Dappy, as well as Dot Rotten.

On his son’s advice, former lawyer Norman Lamb remortgaged his house to invest in Tinchy Stryder’s early career. Following Stryder’s success, Lamb told The Guardian: “At one stage, the average age of investors in Tinchy Stryder’s career was about 85. I heard Tinchy’s music, heard the lyrics and I didn’t see a problem. A lot of the lyrics are actually positive. It’s dangerous going by stereotypes.” He also told BBC News in 2012 that he and wife Mary “are living the grime scene”. Lamb said: “Grime has been the central part of our life for the past three years.”

The Liberal Democrats won eight seats at the General Election, down from 48 before they went into coalition with the Conservatives following the previous election in 2010. Former health minister Lamb faces competition for the leadership from Tim Farron, who confirmed his leadership bid today (May 14).

Dappy, who released his second solo album ‘Miracles’ in 2014, has maintained that N-Dubz will reunite, having been on hiatus since 2010. In January, he avoided jail after breaking bail conditions imposed as part of a suspended prison sentence for punching a man at Reading nightclub Evissa in October 2013.