David Duchovny on his debut album: ‘I didn’t come out of the womb with perfect pitch’

'X-Files' actor recently compared his record to REM and Wilco

The X-Files actor David Duchovny has discussed his upcoming album of original music, warning listeners that he does not have a perfect voice.

The star recently announced that he will pursue a music career, with debut ‘Hell Or Highwater’ scheduled for release on May 12. In interview with Billboard, Duchovny revealed that he’s realistic about the LP, describing himself as a “beginner”.

“I’m not a guy who came out of the womb with perfect pitch,” Duchovny told Billboard. “I’m never gonna win American Idol and I never will, but I do have something to say and Don [Lawrence, vocal coach] helped me maximize that. I do have enough of a sense of pitch that I know I’m not singing it correctly so I’m in that hell where I know I’m tone-deaf. But I listened to the album and I like the singing on it. I’m tickled by it.”

Duchovny also compared recording the LP to shooting a film or TV show. He said: “It’s very much like acting. You don’t have to be perfect all the way through – you get plenty of takes. It was a complete learning experience by total immersion. I’m a rudimentary guitar player; I play well enough to throw some chords together. I’m not even a good enough player to record my own songs. Once I took it out of my room, it started evolving with guys who really knew how to play. Now I also have to learn how to perform the songs.”

Duchovny also recently compared his record to REM and Wilco. Speaking to Access Hollywood, Duchovny said, “I sound like I’m bragging because I’m gonna tell you [‘Hell Or Highwater’ sounds] like great sounds, to me, continuing, “It’s like REM. It’s like Wilco… It’s in my dreams, of course, is these things.”

The Californication star has also discussed his transition into the music world. He revealed: “Music’s been important to me, but I never was a musician until about four or five years ago. I’ve been able to write songs. I love the album… I’m still kind of in shock that first of all it exists and secondly that it’s good.”

The ‘Hell Or Highwater’ tracklisting is:

‘Let it Rain’
‘Hell or Highwater’
‘The Things’
‘The Rain Song’
‘Unsaid Undone’
‘Lately It’s Always December’
‘Another Year’
‘When The Time Comes’
‘Positively Madison Avenue’

Meanwhile, The X-Files is set to return for a six-episode “event series”. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will reprise their iconic roles as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, while The X-Files‘ creator Chris Carter will return as executive producer. Shooting is due to start this summer, but further details about the event series have yet to be announced.