Def Jam rapper’s manager killed in a car park after planning anti-violence initiatives

Uchenna "Chino" Agina - manager of Lil Durk – tragically shot while in his car on Friday night

The 24-year-old manager of Def Jam rapper Lil Durk (real name: Durk Banks) has been shot and killed in the Avalon neighbourhood of Chicago while sitting in a car park outside the Stony Sub restaurant on Friday morning, March 27. Uchenna “Chino” Agina had just hours earlier shared a Lil Durk remix of a Chief Keef song on social media and was allegedly at the restaurant buying dinner with his girlfriend.

The shooting is confirmed by Billboard via the Chicago Police Department. According to one source he was attending a meeting only the day before with Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah and Lil Durk.

All three were discussing and planning anti-violence initiatives. They posed for a picture together on Instagram. Joakim Noah is working on Noah’s Rock Your Drop anti-violence campaign, according to Devin Jackson, who manages Lil Durk’s onstage DJ, DJ Bandz.

Chino was reportedly sitting in a parked car when a gunman fired several shots including one at his head at approximately 1:50am. He was taken to a nearby hospital and later pronounced dead.

A spokesperson for Def Jam told Billboard: “We are deeply saddened by the news of this tragedy. The Def Jam family shares our most heartfelt sympathy, condolences and prayers with the family and loved ones of Uchenna Agina.”

Chino has previous convictions for possession of a firearm and has an arrest record for weapons violations. Durk is currently battling a felony gun case and is due to release his album, ‘Remember My Name’, in May.
The investigation is ongoing.